SINCE 1989 we provide
refractory solutions
for Steelmakers

Sidertrading Spa is a reliable partner for the supply of refractories, slide gates and trading of ferroalloys for steel mills and foundries in the Italian and European market.

Sidertrading was founded in 1989 by two partners who decided to make value of their knowledge and experience to offer new opportunities to the Italian steel industry.

Industry that was already known to them thanks to their previous experiences as General Manager and Agent in the refractory industry.

Sidertrading has developed year by year, consolidating its position in the refractories market and being able to compete with the main market leaders both in the refractory market and in the “service market”.


Remote and on-site technical support to guarantee a timely and decisive service for our customers’ needs.

Thanks to our decades of experience, our know-how and the training of our qualified staff, we are able to solve our customers’ problems related to refractory materials, tundish and ladle sliding gate systems.


We can manage all the refractory materials and manufactures used during the entire production cycle of steel.

Through the close co-operation between the Sidertrading Team and the technicians of the steel plant, We select the best materials for the production cycle and guarantee the most competitive material costs (€/Ton of steel).


Similar service provided in the “Global Service” solution, but focused on some production areas like casting ladle and/or tundishes. We supply all sliding gate systems with complete management of plates, guaranteeing specific contractual costs (€/Ton of steel) and the quality of our technical support.


Tedeco is the company inside SiderTrading group that is dedicated
to the manufacturing of refractory nozzles and special pieces.
With it’s plant in Castecovati (BS), it represent the state of the art
for the production of special refractories and testing our slide
gate mechanisms.


Drycarbo works in the solid fuels field as coal, anthracites, graphites, metallurgical coke and petrol coke field. Our company has been growing into the metallurgical field thanks to the commercial network of Sidertrading into the various italian steel plants.


Tedeco Srl, the production unit of SiderTrading, is certified ISO 9001 in order to best serve its customers and assure a continuous quality control during all phases of production.