Who we are

Since 1989 at Steelmaker's service with integrated refractory solutions

Experience and Professionalism for the Steel Industry

The company was established in 1989 by two partners who decided to make value of their knowledge and experience to offer new opportunities to the Italian steel industry. From this starting point Sidertrading has developed, consolidating its position in the refractories market and expanding its markets to Europe, North Africa and Ukraine.

Sider Refractories

Electric Arc Furnace

We offer an extensive range of magnesia carbon products for EAF bottom and side wall application with a range from 95% MgO sinter to 98% MgO ultra large crystal fused magnesia.


We are specialised in ladle linings for severe treatments (VD, VOD, etc.) and we can offer a complete range of products for metal zones, slag lines, well blocks, porous plugs, nozzles, etc.


Our tundish masses are designed for long sequences and optimal performances. Together with all special pieces, nozzles and isostatics we can offer the complete set of materials required for any steel plant.

Sider Gates

Ladle Slide Gates

The GM-ST 2 is a compact and innovative ladle gate concept designed for bore sizes up to 100mm. The new technology of self opening door allows trouble free access to the refractory components and tensioning elements. The unique assembly principle, as well as the built-in safety features, allows reliable operation and extended mechanical lifetime. The GM-ST 2 has been designed for “no tool” operation to enhance security and reliability as well as optimizing the time for changing of the refractory components.

Tundish Slide Gates

The CRB series of quick nozzle changers offer a state-of-the-art technology engineered to suit all casting requirements in terms of:
.Extend casting sequence
.Extend tundish lining life
.Maintain tundish level for maximum quality
.Re-start at desired speed
.Change nozzles on individual strands
.Emergency blanking and later re-start
.All refractories are installed inside the mechanism

Sider Alloys

Bulk Alloys

We have stocks in Italy that allow us to supply our customers with FeSi, FeSiMn, FeCr HC, FeCr LC, FeMo, FeV, FeNb and FeW.

Cored Wires

Calcium Silicon, Pure Calcium, Graphine, Sulfur, Ferro Sulphur, Ferro Titanium and Ferro Boron are the cored wires that can be supplied from our company. We can offer both European or Chinese origin, depending on the requirements from our customers.

Sider Electrodes


We can propose HP, SHP or UHP grades from 400mm (16in) to 700mm (28in) diameters with lengths ranging from 1500mm to 2700mm, according to the diameter.


We can propose HP, SHP or UHP grades from 250mm (10in) to 450mm (18in) diameters with lengths ranging from 1500mm to 2400mm, according to the diameter.